How to promote your own company?

Published: 20-02-2018

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Creating a consistent, uniform visual identity of the company.

What is this: uniform, consistent corporate identity? Simply put, it is a set of uniformly designed elements such as:


Of course, the decision of the future owner of the company is what kind of advertising media will decide to design and entrust to the execution of the project. It must be remembered, however, that authorial, expressive and individually designed (not clichéd, repetitive as "cash" downloaded from the Internet or repetitive projects proposed by many online companies) visual identification is an element distinguishing the company from the very beginning. It also indicates its level and the owner's care for quality, also suggesting the quality of the products he proposes.

Of course, you can not always afford, in the phase of investing in the creation of a company, for such an expense as extensive and full visual identification, but it is worth at least taking care of a professionally designed logo, business card and eg a coherent graphic design of the website. With time and as the company grows, you can design further elements of identification on the basis of the brand / logo already created on the market.

Starting the promotion of the company from the creation of a website entrusted to an IT specialist, without the participation of computer graphics, then designing a business card and leaflets in the printing house - of course with the project proposed by the printing house, is a scheme often found among small, single-person companies entering the market. This type of approach means that from the start, the visual message directed to the market and to customers is not easy to read, difficult to remember, and in addition usually not very attractive in form and content.



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