How to promote your company without financial expenses?

Published: 08-03-2018

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1. Let the world know about you

If your product somehow facilitates people's lives or facilitates various types of business processes, then press information directed to the media and bloggers will surely help you to appear on the web and reach a specific group of recipients. Remember to choose the media you send information to. Do not send information about a new way to optimize recruitment processes for fashion magazines for women. This is a common mistake that irritates journalists. Remember also that the press release should be written inexpensively, specifically, without poetic confusion. Your text should answer five basic questions: "Who? What? When? Where? Why? "And contain information necessary for the journalist.


2. From supplier to adviser

When running a company blog, you can attract people interested in the topic, but also potential customers. Writing a blog requires regularity, so think about whether you will have time to lead it. A company blog is a flexible and cheap solution, but at the same time a solid capital that can strengthen the company's position on the market. Running a company blog from the position of an expert and advisor who shares his knowledge and experience can help build trust among potential clients.


3. Create your own contact networks

For young companies, one of the most important things is contacts. That is why it is worth creating a company profile on "business networking" services, including,, or their Polish clones:, These portals will help you dynamically develop business relationships, as well as promote information about the company among people who may be interested in cooperation. It is worth being active in industry discussion groups, which will also bring tangible results, and your company will be perceived as a leader of opinion.


4. Share everything and build a brand

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube - let him first throw a stone, he who has no account in any of these sites. Thanks to the activity on twitter you can build relationships with clients, advertise new products and services, and finally just build your own brand. The same applies to Facebook. Share fan stories with useful information. Thanks to this you will start to build and strengthen your own brand. YouTube is also important. Short videos are more and more important in marketing, especially if they are useful - they show how your product or service can make life easier or just teach viewers something useful.

Communication via social media, internet or more traditional media relations are connected vessels. With one channel of communication, you can promote information from another, so that more people and potential customers will read, for example, your blogpost or product reviews in the specialist press. Remember that.


Here's what you can do to promote your business for free:


press release - if what you do, somehow makes life easier, sending such information to several journalists or bloggers, it should make it spread quickly
articles - use the blog on your website to educate people and give them helpful tips. Write a few articles that will give people valuable knowledge - if it gives them food for thought, the next step will be to buy your product. (Example: if you sell saunas, describe how staying in a sauna improves health and well-being or if you sell wine, write about how it affects health, what is the optimal daily amount, what wine to choose for a meal, etc.)
competition - hand over a dozen copies of your product, for example on Facebook! If you make good entertainment out of it, a lot of people will want to talk about it
software demo - if your product is software or an application, you can insert a free but functional or temporary limited version. If the product meets the expectations of the customer, he will certainly purchase the full version.
product samples - if you sell wine or sweets - give away several copies, eg to several popular bloggers or journalists from large thematic portals, and ask them for a review! It is good to let them write about our product completely honestly, whether positively or negatively - then the article will not be considered "sponsored" and will be more credible. Let the article necessarily direct you to Facebook, where you can win free copies!





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