How to promote a company online for FREE?

Published: 27-01-2018

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There are many tools, in addition free and easy to use, which you can use to promote your business online. Below we present a few of them.


It's good to be in top

The key to promoting your company's offer on the web is "positioning", or visibility in search results. The information about your company (eg included on the website or profile in social media) is better positioned, the higher are on the hit list.

Why is it so important? According to surveys of, up to 53% of Internet users click the first link in the list of organic Google results. Correspondingly, 15% choose the second position and only 9% few in the third visible link1. If the website of your company is highly positioned, you have up to 50% more chances that the user will be familiar with your offer.

There are several good ways to mark your online presence.


Online company promotion tools


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