How to find an idea for a good business?

Published: 09-02-2018

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Refresh old proven ideas


I already have a few millionaires in Poland thanks to ... drones, and yet drones are nothing new. Being a child about 15 years ago, I dreamed about a remote controlled helicopter. Even then you could buy them. They cost a few thousand zlotys. Even then, I wanted to mount a webcam on such a helicopter. Unfortunately, my parents did not buy me such a helicopter.

Drones are not much different from the old RC helicopters. The electric drive was changed and 4 propeller instead of two. That's how millions are done. And yet this is not a super new technology, unavailable to the modeler's enthusiast.

Plenty of products are coming back in a refreshed version like a boomerang ... this summer the pants "bells" are back in the improved version again.


You have no idea? Take a trip.


It can be a literal journey to a country. You can see what's great in this country and adopt the idea for Polish conditions. You can also go to work to a foreign company, working even for free, just to know the know-how of this company.

There were so many Poles who built their own businesses, such as the creator of the Black Red White furniture company.

I do not know if you ever had aloe? It has only been available in Poland for 2-3 years on a wider scale. In South Korea, this drink has been known since the dawn of time. Business as simple as building a flail because it can not be called import by sea and distribution in Poland.


Think about the challenges facing the world


It is also worth taking a look at how Poland and the world are changing. What are the current technological and social trends?

Have you ever heard about Toyota cars powered by hydrogen? This is a very near future because there are already hundreds of such cars in the world. If he had a powerful investor behind his back I would definitely think about starting such a production, if not now I would prepare myself to run it quickly and at the right moment.

We already know what is happening in Western countries. Immigrants terrorize ordinary residents. People are scared. They are afraid of being attacked by a group of Muslims on the street. If the weapon is forbidden and people can not defend themselves, they must face their problem. Maybe "multiparalizers" for which you do not need a gun permit? Such an improved version of the stun gun ...


Create a product for a former employer


Think about whether you can become a supplier of some services or products for the company in which you work or have worked. Perhaps you know the problem of your employers. Create a product that will solve their problems. Sometimes they can be very trivial solutions involving import and export or outsourcing.



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